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Vocabulary Links for English Language Development

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Motivating lessons are designed for English learners and other students who need to strengthen their vocabulary skills. Lessons provide repetition of science and social studies words and use various modes of instruction.

Clear Selections

Vocabulary Links for English Language Development strengthens vocabulary skills and reinforces knowledge of grade-level content words in science and social studies. Motivating activities and reviews repeatedly expose students to target words and address current academic standards.

Student Books

  • Topics fall under WIDA’s Example Topics Lists.
  • Lessons focus on Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary as identified by WIDA’s ELD Standards and state standards.
  • Vocabulary is taught using various modes of instruction, allowing for multiple exposures.
  • Target words are presented in language that students are familiar with, avoiding formal definitions.
  • Appealing art, photos, and review puzzles motivate challenged readers.

Teacher’s Guides

  • Teaching strategies
  • Answer keys
  • Reproducible assessment
  • Correlations to WIDA’s ELD Standards, Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary, and Specific and Technical vocabulary

Student Book: 72-80 pages
Teacher’s Guide: approx. 36 pages

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Level E (Grade 5)
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Level F (Grade 6)
Student Book Preview
Level G (Grade 7)
Student Book Preview

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Level G (Grade 7)
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