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My Language Journal

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Student portfolio books for English learners (ELs) and all students use visual lessons to build content vocabulary and writing skills.

Clear Selections

My Language Journal gives English language learners (ELLs) and all students the opportunity to develop content vocabulary and practice writing skills through activities that engage their visual learning. These student portfolio books can be used in your ESL class and in a variety of instructional methods including whole group, small group, pairs, or individual.

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Student Books

Each book begins with a sample lesson to model what students can expect. Format for all lessons:

Part #1: A personal writing prompt is the focus of each lesson. A unique graphic organizer helps students brainstorm their ideas.

Part #2: Students complete four-square charts for the vocabulary words they’ve chosen from the word bank.

Part #3: They will write a response to the lesson prompt using their completed graphic organizer and the vocabulary they selected.

Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary support the writing prompt content.

Writing genres include informative, descriptive, narrative, opinion, and visual response.

Content areas cover social emotional learning (SEL), English language arts, social studies, science, and math.

A Word Log in the back allows students to review and revisit their learned words.

Teacher’s Guides
Guides include suggestions for use and support for each lesson: topic, content, writing genre, writing standard, and tiered vocabulary focus.

Student Book: approx. 136 pages
Teacher’s Guide: approx. 8 pages

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Grades 3-5
Student Book Preview

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Student Book: Minimum order of 10 of the same book

10-pack Student Books: 10 copies of the same book

Teacher’s Guide: Individual purchase

Grade K
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2097-2 Student Book 10+ $8.75
2121-4 10-pack Student Books 1+ $87.50
2103-0 Teacher's Guide 1+ $4.10
Grade 1
ISBN Format Qty Price Each
2098-9 Student Book 10+ $8.75
2122-1 10-pack Student Books 1+ $87.50
2104-7 Teacher's Guide 1+ $4.10
Grade 2
ISBN Format Qty Price Each
2099-6 Student Book 10+ $8.75
2123-8 10-pack Student Books 1+ $87.50
2105-4 Teacher's Guide 1+ $4.10
Grades 3-5
ISBN Format Qty Price Each
2100-9 Student Book 10+ $8.75
2124-5 10-pack Student Books 1+ $87.50
2106-1 Teacher's Guide 1+ $4.10
Grades 6-8
ISBN Format Qty Price Each
2101-6 Student Book 10+ $8.75
2125-2 10-pack Student Books 1+ $87.50
2107-8 Teacher's Guide 1+ $4.10
Grades 9-12
ISBN Format Qty Price Each
2102-3 Student Book 10+ $8.75
2126-9 10-pack Student Books 1+ $87.50
2108-5 Teacher's Guide 1+ $4.10