September 2023
Our New York Board of Education (NY BOE) contract renewal is waiting to be approved. If you need to order, please contact the NY BOE Division of Contracts, or place your order under a noncontracted/sole source purchase order using our vendor # CON21000. Download our sole source letter and request a quote.



Continental provides New York City schools with PreK–12 supplemental materials to support teachers in advancing student achievement in core academic curricula.

Below you’ll find information to help you find the right programs for your classroom and order through the FAMIS NYC DOE system.

Most of Continental’s products are NYSTL-approved and can be purchased through FAMIS NYC DOE.

Although we make every effort to keep the details of the price list and catalog up to date, we recommend that you visit the Shop DOE NYC website to confirm the most current information.

Download our sole source letter.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


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Now Available: New York CCLS/NYS Next Generation standards crosswalks.

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Vendor # CON210000

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