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PSSA Finish Line Science with Assessment Anchors

Grades 4, 8  |  State Standards

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Instruction, guided practice, and independent work for Pennsylvania’s standards help students learn multiple years of science content for the PSSA exam. Brought to you by Continental, your Pennsylvania publisher.

Clear Selections

Help your students conquer challenging science skills while they prepare for testing day. The instruction and practice in PSSA Finish Line Science provides the targeted support they need to get ahead.

Reinforce your teaching with lessons that are directly aligned to PA Science Assessment Anchors and Eligible Content and the Academic Standards. Each lesson focuses on specific objectives and follows a consistent format:

Part #1: Introduction to the Objectives
Develop an understanding of the concepts and skills with an instructional overview of each objective in the lesson.

Part #2: Multiple-choice Questions with Model
Students will get more than just practice here; they’ll get help. A guided practice question starts the section and is followed by a shaded box in which the correct answer is given along with an explanation of why it is the correct answer. This method helps students learn how to examine choices as they decide on their answers. Independent practice follows.

Part #3: Open-ended Questions with Model
Students will work through skills, concepts, and problem solving and deliver their answers in a written format. As with part #2, this section starts with a guided practice question and ends with independent work.

Part #4: It’s Your Turn
Students apply what they’ve learned as they answer questions independently.

Additional features:

  • Science scenarios in grade 8 book
  • Multiple-choice and open-ended questions
  • Unit Reviews test every anchor covered in the units
  • Familiar Pennsylvania-specific topics help introduce new concepts
  • Materials have been evaluated by Pennsylvania educators. The grade 4 book was developed with consultation from Patricia Vathis, Ph.D., PA Environment and Ecology Education Advisor.
  • The grade 4 book covers science content from grades 3 and 4. The grade 8 book covers science content from grades 5, 6, and 7.

Teacher’s Guides:

Student Book: Grade 4 is 176 pages; Grade 8 is 256 pages

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Grade 4
Student Book Preview
Grade 8
Student Book Preview

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Teacher’s Guide: PSSA Finish Line Science guides are sold separately. PSSA Science Performance Indicator guides are FREE downloads in the Overview tab.

Grade 4
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3969-2 Student Book 5 - 9 $20.00
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K3969-2 Teacher's Guide 1+ $6.15
Grade 8
ISBN Format Qty Price Each
3970-8 Student Book 5 - 9 $20.00
6787-9 Student Set 10+ $9.40
K3970-8 Teacher's Guide 1+ $6.15