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PSSA Science Performance Indicator

Grades 4, 8  |  State Standards

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Practice booklets for Pennsylvania’s standards pinpoint areas of need to drive your instruction, and help students overcome anxiety for the PSSA Science exam. Brought to you by Continental, your Pennsylvania publisher.

Clear Selections

With PSSA Science Performance Indicator, you can get a snapshot of every student’s strengths and needs of the PA Science Assessment Anchors and Eligible Content. These practice tests also help students overcome test-taking anxiety by giving them exposure to the question types and difficulty of the PSSA Science.

  • set up into two sessions per book
  • grade 8 includes science scenarios
  • includes the same item formats found on the PSSA: multiple-choice and short open-ended (SOE)

Two forms/tests are available for each grade:

  • Form A
    Administer this form to determine areas of weakness and to target your instruction. With the results at hand, use the Connecting Assessment to Instruction chart in the teacher’s guide to assign the right PSSA Finish Line Science lesson to each student.
  • Form B
    Give this form after the PSSA Finish Line Science instruction to measure progress.

Comprehensive teacher’s guides include:

  • Directions for administering the sessions
  • Answer key
  • Reproducible answer sheet
  • Scoring rubric
  • PA Science Assessment Anchors and Eligible Content
  • Academic Standards
  • Connecting Assessment to Instruction Answer Guide

Guides are available as FREE downloads:
Teacher’s guides, Grade 4, Forms A and B
Teacher’s guides, Grade 8, Forms A and B

Student Booklet: 40 pages

Click on the Preview button(s) below to access interior pages or other program content. These files can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Viewer, iTunes, or Windows Media Player.

Grade 4
Grade 4 Form A Preview
Grade 4 Form B Preview
Grade 8
Grade 8 Form A Preview
Grade 8 Form B Preview

For your convenience, prices are listed below and can be printed for reference. Please place your order in the section above.

Class Set Form A: 30 copies of the same Form A booklet and 1 teacher’s guide

Class Set Form B: 30 copies of the same Form B booklet and 1 teacher’s guide

Student Set: For orders of 10+ of the same grade. A set includes 1 PSSA Finish Line Science student book discounted at $9.40, and 1 FREE Form A and 1 FREE Form B of PSSA Science Performance Indicator.

Grade 4
ISBN Format Qty Price Each
5185-4 Class Set Form A 1+ $107.10
5391-9 Class Set Form B 1+ $107.10
6786-2 Student Set 10+ $9.40
Grade 8
ISBN Format Qty Price Each
5186-1 Class Set Form A 1+ $107.10
5392-6 Class Set Form B 1+ $107.10
6787-9 Student Set 10+ $9.40