Correlation of Read Reason Write: New York to the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS)


Timeless Toys, Level AA (Early Gr. 1)
Celebrate Holidays, Level AA (Early Gr. 1)
Special Animals, Level AA (Early Gr. 1)

Bears, Level A ( Gr. 1)
Legends of America’s Past, Level A (Gr. 1)
Extreme Sports, Level A (Gr. 1)

Big Animals of Earth, Level B (Gr. 2)
Children Around the World, Level B (Gr. 2)
Weather and the World, Level B (Gr. 2)

American Folk Heroes, Level C (Gr. 3)
Threatened Species, Level C (Gr. 3)

Going Green, Level D (Gr. 4)
Sports Legends: Past and Present, Level D (Gr. 4)

Amazing People, Level E (Gr. 5)
The Revolutionary War, Level E (Gr. 5)