Keystone Finish Line Algebra I

Grades 6-12  |  State Standards

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Support classroom learning and test-day readiness with targeted review for Pennsylvania’s algebra I standards and Keystone item types.

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Will your students be ready for the Keystone? Our Keystone Finish Line Algebra I workbook will prepare them with instruction and practice for the Assessment Anchors tested on the exam.

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Student Workbook

  • The structure follows the Keystone Algebra I in order of module, Anchors, and Eligible Content.
  • Practice questions range in difficulty, with many Depth of Knowledge (DOK) level 2 items that call for higher-order reasoning.
  • Units include multiple-choice items and rigorous constructed-response problems that test multiple anchors.
  • Practice questions are frequently posed in real-life contexts.
  • Learning support includes reminders and examples for illustration. Students will also see samples followed by detailed explanations that work through the procedure for finding the answer in a step-by-step fashion.
  • A reference sheet with formulas and a glossary of important terms are included.

Teacher’s Guide
The guide includes answers for both multiple-choice and constructed-response items. It also identifies the Anchors and Eligible Content for each question, and correlations to the PA Core Standards.

Student Book: 212 pages
Teacher’s Guide: 24 pages

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Grades 6-12
Student Book Preview

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