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Keystone Finish Line Biology

Grades 6-12  |  State Standards

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With this instructional support for Pennsylvania’s biology standards and Keystone item types, students can build confidence in the classroom and for test day.

Clear Selections

It’s a tough test for a tough course. Give your students every chance for success with Keystone Finish Line Biology. This workbook reviews the content addressed by the Assessment Anchors and Eligible Content of the Keystone Biology Exam, and familiarizes students with the format of tested question types.

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Student Book

  • Practice questions range in difficulty, with many Depth of Knowledge (DOK) levels 2 and 3 items that call for higher-order reasoning.
  • Supportive illustrations, graphs, and artwork build on concepts.
  • Units include multiple-choice items and rigorous constructed-response problems that test multiple anchors.
  • A review section at the end of each module can be used as a practice test.
  • Practice questions are frequently posed in real-life contexts.
  • Learning support includes reminders and examples for illustration. Students will also see guided examples with explanations that show how to find the answer in a logical way.
  • A glossary of important terms is included.

The teacher’s guide/answer key includes rationales or explanations of the answers, correlations to the Assessment Anchors and PA Core Standards, and scoring rubrics.

Student Book: 244 pages
Teacher’s Guide: 36 pages

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Grades 6-12
Student Book Preview

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