Reading for Comprehension, Full-Color Edition

Grades 1-8  |  Comprehension

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Pique your readers’ curiosity! This newest edition features lively comprehension practice with high-interest topics that are sure to motivate your students. Audio is available.

Clear Selections

Why do doughnuts have holes? What causes people to yawn? Reading for Comprehension, Full-Color Edition is an update of our popular series and features high-interest articles to help students build their nonfiction reading skills.

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Exclusive to this edition

  • A color-rich design and new articles have been added.
  • In the opening lessons, the skill for each question is labeled, so students know what reading strategy to use. In the lessons that follow, the labels are eliminated to allow students to show what they know.
  • The order of the questions in each lesson varies to make the targeted skills less predictable.
  • Audio is available for additional listening support.
  • lnteractive eBooks are available.

Student Books
Each book includes 46 high-interest, nonfiction articles in social studies and science with questions that assess comprehension and build critical thinking skills.

Reading skills:
Vocabulary, context clues, main idea, details, sequence, cause and effect, inferences and conclusions

Writing skills:
Narrative, descriptive, persuasive, expository

Teacher’s Guides and Audio
Teacher’s guides include an evaluation chart, skill descriptors and instructional strategies, answer key, rubric, reproducible graphic organizers, and a link to download audio for the articles.

Student Book: 96 pages
Teacher’s Guide: 32 pages

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Hear what teachers have to say:

“ These are high-interest topics to my students. They love them! ”
– Neisha Bruce, 2nd Grade Teacher, Parkway Elementary School, NJ

“ The skill labels in the opening lessons are great! They’re especially helpful for my below-level students. ”
– Neisha Bruce, 2nd Grade Teacher, Parkway Elementary School, NJ

“ I require my students to highlight where they found their answers in the passage. The two-page format makes it easy since they don’t need to flip back and forth. ”
– Georgia Ricard, 1st Grade Teacher, MS

“ Students love the color format! They tell me it makes the article more interesting to read. ”
– Mrs. Nicholson, 6th Grade Teacher, NC

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Level D (Grade 4)
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Level E (Grade 5)
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Level F (Grade 6)
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Level G (Grade 7)
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Level H (Grade 8)
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Level H (Grade 8)
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Level A (Grade 1)9781524010775978152400956497815240096499781524009724
Level B (Grade 2)9781524010782978152400957197815240096569781524009731
Level C (Grade 3)9781524010799978152400958897815240096639781524009748
Level D (Grade 4)9781524010805978152400959597815240096709781524009755
Level E (Grade 5)9781524010812978152400960197815240096879781524009762
Level F (Grade 6)9781524010829978152400961897815240096949781524009779
Level G (Grade 7)9781524010836978152400962597815240097009781524009786
Level H (Grade 8)9781524010843978152400963297815240097179781524009793