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Read Reason Write

Grades 1-5  |  Reading & Language Arts

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Choose from 15 themed books to improve reading skills and promote critical thinking. High-interest reading passages form the base for reading comprehension and writing activities.

Clear Selections

Read Reason Write is designed to improve student performance in a number of key reading skills. Each book contains high-interest reading selections related to a given theme. These selections form the base for a range of reading comprehension and writing activities, including graphic organizers to help students sort out their thoughts.

Student Books

  • Ascending readability levels are found throughout each book, starting slightly below and building to a high on-grade level. This approach uses rigorous text to “stretch” students’ reading comprehension.
  • Multiple themed books per grade level with fiction and nonfiction passages serve to motivate readers.
  • Each book contains two review lessons that require students to think about several selections at one time—synthesize, generalize, and conceptualize. Application of this type of higher-level thinking skill is a fundamental part of today’s standards.

Teacher’s Guides
Comprehensive teacher’s guides include additional information about the theme and topics covered, call out words that are essential for students’ understanding of the selection, concrete suggestions for using the materials, skill instruction to aid in writing, and a complete answer key.

Suggested activities, discussions, and/or projects follow each lesson to promote the development of critical thinking skills and concept development. Students are often required to use a variety of resources to complete the tasks.

Student Book: 56-72 pages

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Level AA (Early Grade 1)
Student Book, Timeless Toys Preview
Student Book, Celebrate Holidays Preview
Student Book, Special Animals Preview
Level A (Grade 1)
Student Book, Bears Preview
Student Book, Legends Of America's Past Preview
Student Book, Extreme Sports Preview
Level B (Grade 2)
Student Book, Big Animals Of The Earth Preview
Student Book, Children Around The World Preview
Student Book, Weather And The World Preview
Level C (Grade 3)
Student Book, American Folk Heroes Preview
Student Book, Threatened Species Preview
Level D (Grade 4)
Student Book, Going Green Preview
Student Book, Sports Legends Preview
Level E (Grade 5)
Student Book, Amazing People Preview
Student Book, The Revolutionary War Preview

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Student Book: Minimum order of 5 of the same book

Teacher’s Guide: FREE with the purchase of 25 copies of the same student book

Level AA (Early Grade 1)
ISBN Format Qty Price Each
6185-3 Student Book, Timeless Toys 5+ $8.45
6186-0 Student Book, Celebrate Holidays 5+ $8.45
6187-7 Student Book, Special Animals 5+ $8.45
K6185-3 Teacher's Guide, Timeless Toys 1+ $5.30
K6186-0 Teacher's Guide, Celebrate Holidays 1+ $5.30
K6187-7 Teacher's Guide, Special Animals 1+ $5.30
Level A (Grade 1)
ISBN Format Qty Price Each
6188-4 Student Book, Bears 5+ $8.45
6189-1 Student Book, Legends Of America's Past 5+ $8.45
6190-7 Student Book, Extreme Sports 5+ $8.45
K6188-4 Teacher's Guide, Bears 1+ $5.30
K6189-1 Teacher's Guide, Legends Of America's Past 1+ $5.30
K6190-7 Teacher's Guide, Extreme Sports 1+ $5.30
Level B (Grade 2)
ISBN Format Qty Price Each
6191-4 Student Book, Big Animals Of The Earth 5+ $8.45
6192-1 Student Book, Children Around The World 5+ $8.45
6193-8 Student Book, Weather And The World 5+ $8.45
K6191-4 Teacher's Guide, Big Animals Of The Earth 1+ $5.30
K6192-1 Teacher's Guide, Children Around The World 1+ $5.30
K6193-8 Teacher's Guide, Weather And The World 1+ $5.30
Level C (Grade 3)
ISBN Format Qty Price Each
6650-6 Student Book, American Folk Heroes 5+ $8.45
6651-3 Student Book, Threatened Species 5+ $8.45
K6650-6 Teacher's Guide, American Folk Heroes 1+ $5.30
K6651-3 Teacher's Guide, Threatened Species 1+ $5.30
Level D (Grade 4)
ISBN Format Qty Price Each
6652-0 Student Book, Going Green 5+ $8.45
6653-7 Student Book, Sports Legends 5+ $8.45
K6652-0 Teacher's Guide, Going Green 1+ $5.30
K6653-7 Teacher's Guide, Sports Legends 1+ $5.30
Level E (Grade 5)
ISBN Format Qty Price Each
6654-4 Student Book, Amazing People 5+ $8.45
6655-1 Student Book, The Revolutionary War 5+ $8.45
K6654-4 Teacher's Guide, Amazing People 1+ $5.30
K6655-1 Teacher's Guide, The Revolutionary War 1+ $5.30