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Reading for Comprehension Readiness, Full-Color Edition

Grades 1-3  |  Comprehensive Skills

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Motivate your early readers! This newest edition features lively comprehension practice with high-interest topics that are sure to generate excitement and reading success. Audio is available.

Clear Selections

What cake has a toy inside of it? Do islands float? Reading for Comprehension Readiness, Full-Color Edition is an update of our popular series and uses engaging lessons to help build reading-for-information skills students will need in later grades.

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Exclusive to this edition

  • A color-rich design and new articles have been added.
  • In the first three lessons, the skill for each question is labeled, so students identify the type of question being asked. In the lessons that follow, the labels are eliminated to allow students to show what they know.
  • Audio for each passage is available for additional listening support.

Student Books
Each book includes high-interest, nonfiction articles, followed by activities and questions to assess comprehension and build critical thinking skills. Books are written at the first-grade level, but the high-interest articles make them ideal for struggling readers at higher grades.

Books Build in Sequence
This 3-book series progresses from sight words and short vowels to long vowels and easily decodable blends.

Readiness Skills
Reading skills include main idea, details, vocabulary, inferences, and conclusions. Fun Pages in Books 1 and 2 and Writing Pages in Book 3 reinforce readiness skills like classifying, distinguishing real from make-believe, and following directions.

Audio features oral reading of the articles for additional listening support. They’re ideal for below-level students and those whose first language is not English.

Teacher’s Guides
Teacher’s guides include an answer key, instructional strategies, remediation techniques, and a reproducible evaluation chart.

Student Book: 32-48 pages
Teacher’s Guide: 12 pages

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Grades 1-3
Book 1 Preview
Book 2 Preview
Book 3 Preview

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Grades 1-3
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