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Grades 3-8

Finish Line Indiana ELA, College & Career Ready
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Finish Line Indiana ELA, College & Career Ready helps students build the skills and deep level of knowledge required of today's standards and guides teachers in enriching their daily lessons. 

Easy to Use
Instruction and practice are concise and simply presented. Minimal components—student workbooks and annotated teacher’s editions—make implementation easy to manage.

Directly Aligned to Indiana’s Standards
Student books include 300+ pages of instruction and practice written for the college and career ready Indiana Academic Standards.

Gradual Release of Responsibility
Each lesson uses the gradual release model—from teacher-led instruction to individual student work—in a four-part format: Skill Introduction, Focused Instruction, Guided Practice, and Independent Practice.

Practice for Assessment Items
A mix of question types, including those on the ILEARN assessment, is found in the unit reviews and Independent Practice sections.

Language Arts
In addition to lessons on reading comprehension skills and vocabulary, each book includes a full unit of writing and language standards for students to practice the writing process, learn how to answer open-ended questions, and apply grammar and usage conventions.

Close Reading of Rigorous Text
Much like Indiana’s standards and assessment, the books require students to find evidence from texts to support their answers. A variety of authentic-text passages promote the rigor and text-complexity required by the college and career ready standards.

A glossary in each student book includes terms that appear in boldface throughout the book.

Teacher Support
Comprehensive teacher’s editions are designed to lighten your lesson planning and grading time. They include suggestions for use/teaching strategies; student book pages with correct answers, correlations to the college and career ready Indiana Academic Standards and Depth of Knowledge (DOK), and answer rationales for items in the Independent Practice; speaking, writing, and listening activities; media/research activities; Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary; and ELL support.

Book Dimensions: 8 1/2" x 11"
Page Count: grades 1 and 2 include 300 pages; grades 3-8 include 304-350 pages
Guide Page Count: approx. 200 pages
Guide Book Dimension: 8 1/2" x 11"

Click on the Preview Sample button(s) below to access interior pages or other program content. These files can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Viewer, iTunes, or Windows Media Player.

Grade 3 Student Book preview
Grade 3 Annotated Teacher's Edition preview
Grade 4 Student Book preview
Grade 4 Annotated Teacher's Edition preview
Grade 5 Student Book preview
Grade 5 Annotated Teacher's Edition preview
Grade 6 Student Book preview
Grade 6 Annotated Teacher's Edition preview
Grade 7 Student Book preview
Grade 7 Annotated Teacher's Edition preview
Grade 8 Student Book preview
Grade 8 Annotated Teacher's Edition preview

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ISBN GRADE / LEVEL: FORMAT Quantity Price Each
8855-3Grade 3 : Student Book 5+$11.75
8861-4Grade 3 : Annotated Teacher's Edition 1+$20.95
8879-9Grade 3 : Classroom Set 1+$305.00
8856-0Grade 4 : Student Book 5+$11.75
8862-1Grade 4 : Annotated Teacher's Edition 1+$20.95
8880-5Grade 4 : Classroom Set 1+$305.00
8857-7Grade 5 : Student Book 5+$11.75
8863-8Grade 5 : Annotated Teacher's Edition 1+$20.95
8881-2Grade 5 : Classroom Set 1+$305.00
8858-4Grade 6 : Student Book 5+$11.75
8864-5Grade 6 : Annotated Teacher's Edition 1+$20.95
8882-9Grade 6 : Classroom Set 1+$305.00
8859-1Grade 7 : Student Book 5+$11.75
8865-2Grade 7 : Annotated Teacher's Edition 1+$20.95
8883-6Grade 7 : Classroom Set 1+$305.00
8860-7Grade 8 : Student Book 5+$11.75
8866-9Grade 8 : Annotated Teacher's Edition 1+$20.95
8884-3Grade 8 : Classroom Set 1+$305.00
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