Finish Line Indiana English 10, College & Career Ready

Grade 10  |  State Standards

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Instructional lessons for Indiana’s Academic Standards reinforce key skills and strategies for classroom success.

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With Finish Line Indiana English 10, College & Career Ready in your lessons, students can build a deeper understanding of today’s standards.

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Student Book

Written to Indiana’s Standards
• Lessons reinforce the Indiana Academic Standards for grades 9–10.
• The book is divided into four units that parallel the Indiana English 10 Academic Standards.

Item types
Item types include constructed response, multiple choice, and writing prompt/essay.

Stepped lesson format
Three-part lessons include Instruction, Guided Practice, and Independent Practice specific to the lesson’s standard focus. Immediate feedback for questions in the Guided Practice helps students learn how to examine answer choices and what constitutes a good writing response.

Unit reviews
End-of-unit reviews can be used as homework assignments or as classroom assessments to measure performance.

A glossary of boldfaced words from the book helps students practice key vocabulary.

Teacher’s Guide

  • Teacher and student strategies
  • Answer key for Independent Practice items, IN standards alignment, and exemplary student answers for constructed-response items
  • Scoring rubrics for constructed-response items and writing prompts
  • Indiana Academic Standards for grades 9–10

Student Book: 304 pages
Teacher’s Guide: 32 pages

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Grade 10
Student Book Preview

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