Reading for Comprehension Readiness

Grades 1-3  |  Comprehensive Skills

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A long-standing class favorite! Your young readers will love the high-interest articles in these comprehension lessons…and you will too!

Clear Selections

What kind of bug can sing? What animal looks like a log? Reading for Comprehension Readiness fosters reading readiness in the context of nonfiction reading. Each book combines engaging factual articles with questions and activities that assess comprehension and build critical thinking skills. This three-book series lays the groundwork to build reading-for-information skills students will need in later grades.

This series is ©2007. For updated lessons, see Reading for Comprehension Readiness, Full-Color Edition.

  • Series progresses from sight words and short vowels to long vowels and easily decodable blends.
  • High-interest articles focus on people and animals.
  • Students quickly adapt to consistent question formats.
  • Fun Pages in Books 1 and 2 and Writing Pages in Book 3 reinforce readiness skills like classifying, distinguishing real from make-believe, and following directions.
  • Books are written at the first-grade level but the high-interest articles make them ideal for struggling readers at the higher grades.
  • Teacher’s guides include instructional strategies, remediation techniques, and a reproducible evaluation chart.


Reading for Comprehension Readiness is ideal for students in grades 1 through 3. Use any of the three books for this grade range.

Student Book: 32-48 pages
Teacher’s Guide: 12 pages

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Grades 1-3
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Grades 1-3
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3855-8 Student Book, Book 1 5+ $6.90
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3857-2 Student Book, Book 3 5+ $6.90
4096-4 Classroom Set, Book 1 1+ $165.05
4097-1 Classroom Set, Book 2 1+ $165.05
4098-8 Classroom Set, Book 3 1+ $165.05
K3855-8 Teacher's Guide, Book 1 1+ $6.15
K3856-5 Teacher's Guide, Book 2 1+ $6.15
K3857-2 Teacher's Guide, Book 3 1+ $6.15

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Teacher’s Guides: $6.76 each
FREE with purchase of 25 copies of the same student book
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