Best Go-to Sources for Classroom Brain Breaks

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Teachers are constantly in search of new, effective ways to engage their students. Classroom brain breaks are a great way to reactivate the brain so that students are able to focus better and retain more information. Brain breaks are especially helpful when preparing your students for standardized testing. Here are some great sources for brain breaks that are sure to reinvigorate your classroom.

Go Noodle

What is it?

GoNoodle is an online resource for teachers to help motivate children in the classroom through the use of quick, interactive videos. GoNoodle is specially designed to reach children in K-5 classrooms with research-based activities. It is FREE to use and can be used by teachers anywhere by creating a GoNoodle account.

Why will my students enjoy it?

Teachers are able to create a classroom mascot with a fun name to help motivate students. Mascots are fun, eye-catching creatures that students enjoy seeing. Plus, for every minute your class spends on the site, they can earn points. Reaching 15 points gets you to the next level and your mascot grows muscles.

Take a Break! Teacher Tool Box: Physical Activity Breaks in the Secondary Classroom

What is it?

This guide, available online in PDF format, is presented by the Colorado Education Initiative. What’s great about this guide is that unlike most brain break resources, it is geared towards students in 6th-12th-grade classrooms. There are two main sections of the guide that include printable activity cards and online resources. The printable activity cards can be cut out and laminated for easy, ongoing use. Online resources include YouTube videos, games, music, etc. Most activities can be modified to ensure participation from all students. There are lesson plan templates and activity worksheets for your convenience.

Why will my students enjoy it?

As mentioned above, this guide focusses on an older age group, in which participation and motivation can be harder to encourage. The guide describes ways to get your reluctant students involved. The suggested activities are enjoyable and cover a variety of audiences. Activities include stretches, calming practices, brain teasers, music & dance, and many others.

kids crossing the midline of their bodies

Energizing Brain Breaks

What is it?

Energizing Brain Breaks is a blog created by a high school teacher in Naperville, Illinois. Each blog depicts energizing classroom brain breaks, which are quick, 1-2 minute activities for your students to participate in. Almost all the activities presented require little to no preparation and no extra materials for engagement. The brain breaks throughout this blog encourage your students to cross the midline of their bodies, helping both hemispheres of the brain wake up and get “unstuck.” Each blog post contains detailed, easy-to-follow steps on how to perform the activity, along with images or videos.

Why will my students enjoy it?

These brain breaks are simple and extremely effective. They can be used by all age groups and often evoke laughter from students. The fact that they are not overly complicated or involved make these activities so impressionable on even the most stubborn students.

What classroom brain breaks have been effective for your students? Do you have a go-to website for all of your brain break activities? We would love to hear your recommendations!

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