New Edition!

Next Generation ELAP

Grades 3-8  |  State Standards

$181.50 each

Prepare your students for the 2024 New York State Test with this new edition of our ELA assessment practice.

Clear Selections

Testing can be stressful. Next Generation ELAP familiarizes students with the format and item types of the New York State ELA Test so they’re confident and ready to show what they know. Student scores help you identify and address learning gaps.

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Student Booklets

Two parallel test booklets per grade—Form A and Form B—can be used as a pretest and a posttest.

Booklets follow the specifications outlined in the NYS Testing Program 2023 Educator Guide:

  • Aligned to the New York State Next Generation English Language Arts Learning Standards
  • Mirror the ELA assessment in:
    • types of questions
    • numbers of passages and questions
    • scoring framework
    • text types: authentic literary and informational
    • focus on close reading
    • two sessions

Teacher’s Guides
Guides include directions for use with time suggestions, answer keys with New York state ELA standards correlations, scoring sheets, reproducible answer sheets, skill analysis charts, and rubrics. Assign remediation from New York Next Generation ELA using the Connecting Instruction to Assessment chart.

Hear what this teacher has to say:

“The books are great! The format and pacing are both teacher and student friendly.”

“They were especially helpful for my struggling students because they were clear and easy to navigate.”

“The variety of passages was great for exposing kids to the text types and (literary) genres they will see on the state test.”

“My students benefited from having first hand exposure to the language and format of the state test.”

“The teacher’s guide was very helpful and well organized. The skill analysis chart allowed me to hone in on skills with students who were struggling.” – Nilda Francisco, K–5 Instructional Coach, NY

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Grade 3
Grade 3, Form A Preview
Grade 3, Form B Preview
Grade 4
Grade 4, Form A Preview
Grade 4, Form B Preview
Grade 5
Grade 5, Form A Preview
Grade 5, Form B Preview
Grade 6
Grade 6, Form A Preview
Grade 6, Form B Preview
Grade 7
Grade 7, Form A Preview
Grade 7, Form B Preview
Grade 8
Grade 8, Form A Preview
Grade 8, Form B Preview

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Class Set: 30 copies of the same student booklet and 1 teacher’s guide

Grade 3
ISBN Format Qty Price Each
2167-2 Class Set Form A 1+ $181.50
2173-3 Class Set Form B 1+ $181.50
Grade 4
ISBN Format Qty Price Each
2168-9 Class Set Form A 1+ $181.50
2174-0 Class Set Form B 1+ $181.50
Grade 5
ISBN Format Qty Price Each
2169-6 Class Set Form A 1+ $181.50
2175-7 Class Set Form B 1+ $181.50
Grade 6
ISBN Format Qty Price Each
2170-2 Class Set Form A 1+ $181.50
2176-4 Class Set Form B 1+ $181.50
Grade 7
ISBN Format Qty Price Each
2171-9 Class Set Form A 1+ $181.50
2177-1 Class Set Form B 1+ $181.50
Grade 8
ISBN Format Qty Price Each
2172-6 Class Set Form A 1+ $181.50
2178-8 Class Set Form B 1+ $181.50