6 Computation Books!

Math Mastery Series

Grades 5-8  |  Skill Specific Math

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Six skill books provide slow-paced, focused math computation review to advance struggling students.

Clear Selections

Math Mastery Series gives students the instruction, practice, and reinforcement they need to master mathematics skills, from addition and subtraction to pre-algebra. It’s ideal for middle school students who need remediation and ELLs who need extra learning support.

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Series includes six books:

  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Decimals
  • Fractions
  • Ratios, Proportions, and Percents
  • Pre-Algebra

Each book breaks down the algorithms and procedures into minute steps, so progress is slow and gradual. This helps to ensure that students master the skills before moving on.

Real-life problem-solving applications give students a meaningful context for learning skills.

Books are ideal for remediation, independent study, secondary review, alternative education, and ESL programs.

Student Books

Each two-page math lesson includes:

Part #1, Here’s How
Gives an introduction to the skill or ideas and shows step-by-step how to solve the problem.

Part #2, Try It
Shows a similar problem and asks questions to guide students through each step to solve it.

Part #3, On Your Own
Is a set of problems to solve independently.

Part #4, Think About It
Asks students to draw or write a response to a question about the idea or skill to see if they understand it.

Units end with word problems and a two-page review to apply the skills and test understanding.

Annotated Teacher’s Editions
Teacher’s editions provide simple instructions and replicate student book pages with answers.

Student Book: 144-176 pages
Annotated Teacher’s Edition: approx. 144 pages

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Grades 5-8
Addition and Subtraction Student Book Preview
Multiplication and Division Student Book Preview
Decimals Student Book Preview
Fractions Student Book Preview
Ratios, Proportions, and Percents Student Book Preview
Pre-Algebra Student Book Preview
Addition and Subtraction Annotated Teacher's Edition Preview
Multiplication and Division Annotated Teacher's Edition Preview
Decimals Annotated Teacher's Edition Preview
Fractions Annotated Teacher's Edition Preview
Ratios, Proportions, and Percents Student Book Annotated Teacher's Edition Preview
Pre-Algebra Annotated Teacher's Edition Preview

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Grades 5-8
ISBN Format Qty Price Each
0552-8 Student Book, Addition and Subtraction 5+ $10.65
0553-5 Student Book, Multiplication and Division 5+ $10.65
0554-2 Student Book, Decimals 5+ $10.65
0555-9 Student Book, Fractions 5+ $10.65
0556-6 Student Book, Ratios/Proportions/Percents 5+ $10.65
0557-3 Student Book, Pre-Algebra 5+ $10.65
0988-5 Student eBook License, Addition and Subtraction 20+ $10.65
0989-2 Student eBook License, Multiplication and Division 20+ $10.65
0990-8 Student eBook License, Decimals 20+ $10.65
0991-5 Student eBook License, Fractions 20+ $10.65
0992-2 Student eBook License, Ratios/Proportions/Percents 20+ $10.65
0993-9 Student eBook License, Pre-Algebra 20+ $10.65
0980-9 15-pack of Student Books, Addition and Subtraction 1+ $156.20
0981-6 15-pack of Student Books, Multiplication and Division 1+ $156.20
0982-3 15-pack of Student Books, Decimals 1+ $156.20
0983-0 15-pack of Student Books, Fractions 1+ $156.20
0984-7 15-pack of Student Books, Ratios/Proportions/Percents 1+ $156.20
0985-4 15-pack of Student Books, Pre-Algebra 1+ $156.20
0986-1 Classroom Package, All Skills Books 1+ $313.70
1895-5 Classroom Package eBooks, All Skills Books 1+ $313.70
0558-0 Annotated Teacher's Edition, Addition and Subtraction 1+ $26.30
0559-7 Annotated Teacher's Edition, Multiplication and Division 1+ $26.30
0560-3 Annotated Teacher's Edition, Decimals 1+ $26.30
0561-0 Annotated Teacher's Edition, Fractions 1+ $26.30
0562-7 Annotated Teacher's Edition, Ratios/Proportions/Percents 1+ $26.30
0563-4 Annotated Teacher's Edition, Pre-Algebra 1+ $26.30
1175-8 Annotated Teacher's Edition eBook, Addition and Subtraction 1+ $26.30
1176-5 Annotated Teacher's Edition eBook, Multiplication and Division 1+ $26.30
1177-2 Annotated Teacher's Edition eBook, Decimals 1+ $26.30
1178-9 Annotated Teacher's Edition eBook, Fractions 1+ $26.30
1179-6 Annotated Teacher's Edition eBook, Ratios/Proportions/Percents 1+ $26.30
1180-2 Annotated Teacher's Edition eBook, Pre-Algebra 1+ $26.30