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The Partners Literacy Kit

Grades K-2  |  Early Literacy & Seedling

$119.90 each

This kit offers resources for parents and volunteers who are eager to provide reading support, but don’t always have the training to make them effective partners.

Clear Selections

The Challenge:
Parents and volunteers are eager to provide reading support, but they don’t always have the training to make them effective partners.

The Solution:
The Partners Literacy Kit
• Show parents how to apply reading strategies at home
• Guide parents with expert literacy information in a clear and accessible format
• Reinforce the instruction used in the classroom
• Give students extra practice with material at the right reading level
• Make the valuable home-school connection

How the kit works:
The award-winning Partners Video (DVD) accompanied by the Partners Handbook, is the central focus of the kit and demonstrates one-on-one interactions between parents and children. It is an excellent resource that guides parents through the Six Keys to Success, as shown on The Partners Bookmarks. The Cat Who Loved Red and No Luck! are used as examples in the video and are also included in the kit, so parents can start with books that are familiar to them. When a Child Reads… and When a Child Writes… complete the kit as way to support these developing skills. Together, all of these resources make a great training tool!

Train groups of parents to become active reading partners with their children! Ideal for PTA/PTO meetings.

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Grades K-2
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Grades K-2
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