Phonemic Awareness Progress Indicators

Grades PreK-3  |  Science of Reading

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With this teacher resource book, you can gather performance data about each student’s phonemic awareness skills to help guide instruction. It’s a great tool for applying the science of reading to your lesson plan.

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Phonemic Awareness Progress Indicators is a teacher resource book that helps you assess student performance for phonemic awareness skills. Students are evaluated using one-on-one activities and reproducibles to track progress.

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Five skills are covered in this phonemic awareness assessment book:

  • Concepts of Print – 1 Form/test
  • Letter-Sound Association – 1 Form/test
  • Rhyming – 2 Forms/tests
  • Blending and Segmenting Phonemes – 2 Forms/tests
  • Syllables – 2 Forms/tests

This resource book is part of our Phonics Adventures kits.

Teacher Resource Book: 48 pages, spiral bound

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Grades PreK-3
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Teacher Resource Book: Individual purchase

Assessment Kit: Includes 100 Phonics Progress Indicators student booklets (10 copies of all 10 skill booklets) with 10 teacher’s guides (1 guide for each of the 10 skills); 1 Phonemic Awareness Progress Indicators teacher resource book; and 1 convenient case, style may vary. This kit is part of the Phonics Adventures program.

Grades PreK-3
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