Readers, Take Your Mark! Get Set for Reading Comprehension with Interactive Games

Reading may seem like a passive activity, but as you know, good readers are active participants. Successful reading comprehension requires readers to interact with what they’re reading to fully understand a text. Qualities of a good reader include the ability to predict, visualize, summarize, ask questions, infer, and make connections with the text.

If you’re looking for ways to get students excited about reading, check out these games and activities. Each provides opportunities to improve reading comprehension and encourage reading proficiency while getting students up and out of their seats.

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Story Ball

As the weather warms up, this is a perfect game to play outside and it requires just a few supplies. Pick up an inexpensive beach ball, a permanent marker, and the story of your choice, then encourage your readers to talk about all the aspects of the text.


This board game is a great way to encourage kids to talk about what they read—and groups can play together even if they’ve read different books.

Sight-Word Fun

Think outside the box (or flashcard) when it comes to teaching sight words. Try hopscotch or sight-word soccer to reinforce words for beginning readers and help strengthen reading proficiency.

Story Dice

Put together this simple paper die and have readers roll it and answer the questions after reading their text to increase reading comprehension.

Musical Books

This variation on musical chairs lets kids get their wiggles out, experience books they might not normally read, and have fun at the same time!

Classroom Escape Room

Take inspiration from this teacher’s idea to motivate middle schoolers to solve a puzzle while reviewing point of view, figurative language, symbolism, and more.

Newspaper Jeopardy

Use the newspaper to inspire students to find questions for a classroom trivia game based on current events.

Want More?

For even more ideas on reading comprehension activities, visit our Reading Comprehension Pinterest board.

What games and activities do you play to encourage reading comprehension? Let us know!

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