10 Best Educational Websites Teachers and Parents Will Love This Summer [infographic]


10 must-see websites for parents and teachers (2)

This summer, while you’re thinking ahead to next year’s classroom – and maybe trying to survive the summer with your own kids – be sure to check out online resources for help. Whether you’re looking for math ideas, ways to teach vocabulary, or just need a little encouragement, you’ll find just what you need at these websites. Here are our top 10 picks for the best educational websites for teachers and parents.


Why we love it: Every kid can be an artist! Creative expression is often passed over as many art classes have been scaled back in schools.

About the site: Offering “simple ways to fill your family’s life with art and creativity,” this site is dedicated to encouraging your inner artist. Click on links for painting or drawing projects, sculpture, stained glass, clay, collage, and more. A parents’ corner offers advice on everything from how to create an art space in your home, to simple art activities to set up for after-school projects.


Why we love it: A great life lesson for kids! Their smarts can extend far beyond test scores to benefit those in need.

About the site: If your kids are bored, point them toward this site, where they can work their brains while making a difference in the world. Freerice is a non-profit owned by the United Nations World Food Programme. For each answer you get right, the site donates 10 grains of rice to feed hungry people worldwide. Subjects range from humanities to math, chemistry, languages, geography, and more.


Why we love it: Bright graphics and easy navigation make it perfect for kids to use alone, while they target reading and math skills.

About the site: This site takes learning and turns it into fun games. Students can choose from activities in the Math Arcade, read books and comics, play educational games in the Fun Arcade, or just have fun with an adult in the Moms’ and Kids’ Playground.


Why we love it: Opportunities to learn are everywhere here, including “Hour of Code” courses that focus on kid-friendly subjects like Star Wars, Minecraft, and Frozen.

About the site: This nonprofit was launched in 2013, with the mission statement, “Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science.” Sections are separated by activities for students to try and lessons for teachers, plus tutorials cover everything from learning JavaScript to making your own apps and games.


 Why we love it: The trusted name in public television helps bring your classroom to life!

About the site: From searchable Common Core and national standards to activities that support math, science, social studies, and ELA, this site delivers comprehensive digital resources for your classroom. Features include videos, shareable documents, and in-depth lesson plans


Why we love it: Who doesn’t need more positivity in their life? This site offers ways to promote happy learning in—and out—of your classroom.

About the site: This is the site of The Positive Engagement Project, a non-profit focused on equipping teachers with tools to help students become positively engaged in active learning. Free downloads include a variety of categories, from English language arts to character development, and test-taking strategies. The site also includes downloads to target sight words, vocabulary, literacy, and math.


Why we love it: From cool hands-on experiments to science fair project ideas, this site encourages the budding scientists in every student.

About the site: “Science Bob” Pflugfelder, a science teacher and author, started this site to encourage parents and teachers to practice “Random Acts of Science.” He makes it easy with clear instructions, entertaining videos, and more.


Why we love it: You’ll find lots of inspiration here, from classroom tips for every grade to organizing ideas, games, grants and contests, and more.

About the site: With content written by teachers, this site offers everything you need to stay productive (and sane!) throughout the school year. Topics are arranged by category, including arts and creativity, classroom management, deals and discounts, and professional development. A teacher helpline offers advice from people who’ve been in your shoes.


Why we love it: This commercial-free site is one-stop-shopping for videos on a wide range of instructional topics. You’ll save time without having to search multiple sites for what you need.

About the site: Bring education to life in your classroom with videos that will engage your students. This online sharing community offers a variety of options for incorporating videos into your curriculum. You can create a playlist to correspond to your lesson plan or search videos by elementary, middle, or high school levels, as well as by subject.


Why we love it: We can’t forget the little ones! PreK-2 kids are like sponges – they’ll soak up all the fun lessons and activities you can give them. 

About the site: This blog, created by a teacher with a background in curriculum and instruction, offers articles, hands-on lessons, and hundreds of printables for teachers and parents. Most resources are free and focus on literacy, but the site also includes help for teaching math, science, and social studies to children in preschool through second grade.

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And teachers, be sure to update your own webpage with some of these resources—then let your parents know where to go for summer ideas.

What are your favorite websites for parents and teachers to check out this summer?

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