Thank you for celebrating our 80th anniversary with us! We are so grateful for your support throughout our years in educational publishing. Catch up on all the anniversary fun on the tabs below. 

Earlier this year, we kick-started our 80th anniversary celebration by asking our network of teachers to finish this sentence:

“You Know You’re a Teacher When ________________.”

The responses were humorous, heart-touching, eye-opening, and lots of fun. See snippets of some of our favorite responses below!

“You get an adrenaline rush when you realize your students are grasping a new concept”-Kelly, Maryland

“While sleeping you dream about rubrics to go with future projects.”- Marshalla, New York

“The inside and trunk of your car look like a free for all at the teacher supply store!”-Tonia, South Carolina

“You run to Target when another teacher announces on Instagram that the Target Dollar Spot has been restocked with classroom goodies.”- Marlene, New York

“Your husband is afraid you're going to create a behavior chart for him.”-Nancy, Georgia

“You save EVERYTHING... because you never know when you might need it for a lesson!” -Victoria, Mississippi

"The kids try to guess your age. One guesses 99 and one guesses 20, when you are actually 57.”- Vicki, Ohio

“It is Saturday or Sunday and you can eat your lunch in about 5 minutes.”- Dara, Pennsylvania

“You skip count your items at the grocery store.”-Sue, Minnesota

“You tell your husband to go potty before you both go out for the evening.”-Raquel, Illinois

“You feed, laugh with, worry about, cheer on, wipe tears from, and love on your students as if they were your own kids!”-Becky, Texas

“Your hands are rainbow-colored from various shades of dry erase markers and sharpies.”- Heather, New Mexico

“You can recite the exact number of days, hours, and minutes until spring break!”-Aimee, Georgia

“You spell words in your conversation with friends” -Audrey, Pennsylvania

“You carry highlighters, sticky notes, and Band-Aids in your purse”-Cindy, Ohio

“You talk to your significant other in S-L-O-W, easy to understand steps and praise them when they do a good job!”- Tim, Pennsylvania

“You can pull together an amazing DIY ornament table with random supplies from your art closet.”- Karen, Oregon

“You catch yourself singing the ABC song when you wash your hands.”-Terry. Wisconsin

You Know You're a Teacher When...You Have a Slight Obsession with School Supplies

Recent (and numerous) teacher surveys show that educators spend approximately $400–$500 out-of-pocket on school supplies and resources each year. So, looking for opportunities to save is a no-brainer! Here are our tips to save on school supplies for your classroom:

1. Timing is everything.
2. Offer your opinion.
3. Create a wishlist.
4. Take advantage of deep discounts.

You Know You're a Teacher When...You Never Leave Teacher Mode

A survey of 20,000 public school teachers revealed they work an average of 11 hours and 40 minutes per day— about a 53-hour work week. Creating a work/life balance is important for your mental and physical health, your relationships, and, in the long run, even your students’ progress. Here are a few ways to carve out time for yourself:

1. Maximize your prime time.
2. Set working hours.
3. Assign your time.
4. The power of "no."

You Know You're a Teacher When...You've Made an Impact on Someone's Life

A positive teacher-student relationship can contribute to a student’s academic and social development. Students who are comfortable and connected with their teachers are less likely to skip school, are more cooperative and engaged, and show resiliency in academic performance. To create a positive and connected classroom climate:

1. Be sincere with your praise.
2. Correct in a constructive way.
3. Initiate one-on-one conversation.
4. Reward students with your time.