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Reading for Comprehension, Full-Color Edition

Grades: 1-8

Reading for Comprehension, Full-Color Edition
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Why do doughnuts have holes? What causes people to yawn? Reading for Comprehension, Full-Color Edition is an update of our popular series and features high-interest articles to help students build their nonfiction reading skills.

New for this edition
  • A color-rich design and new articles have been added.
  • In the opening lessons, the skill for each question is labeled, so students know what reading strategy to use.
  • The order of the questions in each lesson varies to make the targeted skills less predictable.
  • Audio CDs are available for listening support.
  • lnteractive eBooks are available.

Student Books
Each book includes 46 high-interest, nonfiction articles in social studies and science with questions that assess comprehension and build critical thinking skills.

Reading skills:
Vocabulary, context clues, main idea, details, sequence, cause and effect, inferences and conclusions

Writing skills:
Narrative, descriptive, persuasive, expository

Audio CDs
CDs feature oral reading of the articles for listening support. They're ideal for below-level readers and English learners. 

Teacher’s Guides
Teacher’s guides include an evaluation chart, skill descriptors and instructional strategies, answer key, rubric, and reproducible graphic organizers.

Book Dimensions: 8 1/2" x 11"
Page Count: 96 pages
Guide Page Count: 32 pages
Guide Book Dimension: 8 1/2" x 11"

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Level B (Grade 2) Student Book preview
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Level D (Grade 4) Student Book preview
Level E (Grade 5) Student Book preview
Level F (Grade 6) Student Book preview
Level G (Grade 7) Student Book preview
Level H (Grade 8) Student Book preview

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ISBN GRADE / LEVEL: FORMAT Quantity Price Each
1093-5Level A (Grade 1) : Blended Learning Set 1+$322.25
0956-4Level A (Grade 1) : Student Book 5+$9.75
0964-9Level A (Grade 1) : Teacher's Guide 1+$3.50
0972-4Level A (Grade 1) : Audio CD 1+$12.50
1077-5Level A (Grade 1) : Classroom Set 1+$247.25
1094-2Level B (Grade 2) : Blended Learning Set 1+$322.25
0957-1Level B (Grade 2) : Student Book 5+$9.75
0965-6Level B (Grade 2) : Teacher's Guide 1+$3.50
0973-1Level B (Grade 2) : Audio CD 1+$12.50
1078-2Level B (Grade 2) : Classroom Set 1+$247.25
1095-9Level C (Grade 3) : Blended Learning Set 1+$322.25
0958-8Level C (Grade 3) : Student Book 5+$9.75
0966-3Level C (Grade 3) : Teacher's Guide 1+$3.50
0974-8Level C (Grade 3) : Audio CD 1+$12.50
1079-9Level C (Grade 3) : Classroom Set 1+$247.25
1096-6Level D (Grade 4) : Blended Learning Set 1+$322.25
0959-5Level D (Grade 4) : Student Book 5+$9.75
0967-0Level D (Grade 4) : Teacher's Guide 1+$3.50
0975-5Level D (Grade 4) : Audio CD 1+$12.50
1080-5Level D (Grade 4) : Classroom Set 1+$247.25
1097-3Level E (Grade 5) : Blended Learning Set 1+$322.25
0960-1Level E (Grade 5) : Student Book 5+$9.75
0968-7Level E (Grade 5) : Teacher's Guide 1+$3.50
0976-2Level E (Grade 5) : Audio CD 1+$12.50
1081-2Level E (Grade 5) : Classroom Set 1+$247.25
1098-0Level F (Grade 6) : Blended Learning Set 1+$322.25
0961-8Level F (Grade 6) : Student Book 5+$9.75
0969-4Level F (Grade 6) : Teacher's Guide 1+$3.50
0977-9Level F (Grade 6) : Audio CD 1+$12.50
1082-9Level F (Grade 6) : Classroom Set 1+$247.25
1099-7Level G (Grade 7) : Blended Learning Set 1+$322.25
0962-5Level G (Grade 7) : Student Book 5+$9.75
0970-0Level G (Grade 7) : Teacher's Guide 1+$3.50
0978-6Level G (Grade 7) : Audio CD 1+$12.50
1083-6Level G (Grade 7) : Classroom Set 1+$247.25
1100-0Level H (Grade 8) : Blended Learning Set 1+$322.25
0963-2Level H (Grade 8) : Student Book 5+$9.75
0971-7Level H (Grade 8) : Teacher's Guide 1+$3.50
0979-3Level H (Grade 8) : Audio CD 1+$12.50
1084-3Level H (Grade 8) : Classroom Set 1+$247.25

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