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Sprout and Read Sets

Grades K-2  |  Early Literacy & Seedling

$17.90 each

These project-based reading and writing tools are designed for students in the primary grades as each set pairs a Seedling reader and a Sprouts booklet based on theme, vocabulary, and level.

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Sprout and Read sets are project-based reading and writing tools designed for students in the primary grades. Each set pairs a Seedling reader and a Sprouts booklet based on theme, vocabulary, and level. It’s a great way to stretch your dollar; CDs allow you to use the materials year after year!

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Each set includes:

  • 1 printed Seedling reader: Seedling readers are leveled to help you choose the right book for each student’s ability.
  • 1 CD with PDF files for:
    • A Sprouts booklet with word and picture cards
      Sprouts is an efficient way to produce individualized, student-created text for the beginning reader and to practice high-frequency words in context. Teachers can print the files and assemble the booklet. Students can cut and paste the cards.
    • A learning center activity page
      The center activity, designed to reinforce a skill or concept for the set, is fun and easy to use.
    • A teacher’s guide
      A two-page guide shows the reader/Sprouts connection, ways to introduce the materials, and extension activities including those that make the home-school tie.

These sets are ideal for parental involvement.

Guided Reading Level: A-E
Intervention/Reading Recovery Level: 1-7
Seedling Level: Early Emergent – Emergent
Literary Genre: Fiction and Nonfiction

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Grades K-2
Set 1—The Puppet Show reader (1, A) and A Snack Sprouts Preview
Set 2—The Royal Family reader (1, A) and The Treasure Hunt Sprouts Preview
Set 3—I Can Write. Can You? reader (2*, B) and Who Can Read? Sprouts Preview
Set 4—Two Points reader (2*, B) and What Do You Play? Sprouts Preview
Set 5—Shells reader (2, B) and In My Pocket Sprouts Preview
Set 6—Runaway Monkey reader (3*, B) and What Is in a Zoo? Sprouts Preview
Set 7—My Giraffe reader (3, C) and See Me at the Park Sprouts Preview
Set 8—Jump, Frog reader (3, C) and Go In Sprouts Preview
Set 9—Where Does the Teacher Sleep? reader (4*, C) and What Is in My Magic Hat Sprouts Preview
Set 10—Squeaky Clean reader (4*, C) and Wet and Wild Sprouts Preview
Set 11—Look! Bugs… reader (4*, C) and Look in My Book Sprouts Preview
Set 12—My New Toolbox reader (5, D) and We Are Busy Sprouts Preview
Set 13—Good Night Sky reader (5, D) and Blast Off! Sprouts Preview
Set 14—Festival Fun reader (5, D) and Get on the Bus Sprouts Preview
Set 15—The Cat Who Loved Red reader (6*, D)+ and No, Cat, No! Sprouts Preview
Set 16—Yoshiko’s Surprise reader (6*, E)+ and All of My Friends Sprouts Preview
Set 17—Kite Dance reader (7*, E)+ and Going on a Picnic Sprouts Preview
Set 18—What’s for Dinner? reader (7*, E)+ and Come and Eat! Sprouts Preview

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Sets: Include 1 reader and a CD containing the Sprouts title
See overview for all set titles.

Grades K-2
ISBN Format Qty Price Each
7185-2 Set 1 1+ $17.90
7186-9 Set 2 1+ $17.90
7187-6 Set 3 1+ $17.90
7188-3 Set 4 1+ $17.90
7189-0 Set 5 1+ $17.90
7190-6 Set 6 1+ $17.90
7191-3 Set 7 1+ $17.90
7192-0 Set 8 1+ $17.90
7193-7 Set 9 1+ $17.90
7194-4 Set 10 1+ $17.90
7195-1 Set 11 1+ $17.90
7196-8 Set 12 1+ $17.90
7197-5 Set 13 1+ $17.90
7198-2 Set 14 1+ $17.90
7199-9 Set 15 1+ $17.90
7200-2 Set 16 1+ $17.90
7201-9 Set 17 1+ $17.90
7202-6 Set 18 1+ $17.90