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On Our Way to Reading

Grades K-1  |  Phonics

$4.35$262.40 each

Five activity books for emergent readers build print, phonological, and phonemic awareness. Workbooks and manipulatives work together to build student mastery.

Clear Selections

On Our Way to Reading is an emergent literacy program that includes five consumable student activity books to build print, phonological, and phonemic awareness. Consumable workbooks and manipulatives work together to build student mastery.

Student Books

On Our Way: Colors, Shapes, Letters, and Numbers
Moves children easily into print awareness and recognizing letters and numbers.

Our ABC’s
Introduces printing and reinforces phonological awareness.

Rhyming Words
Encourages phonemic awareness through vowel rhyme patterns and helps children hear and count syllables.

Sounds and Letters
More Sounds and Letters
Introduce each consonant sound and its letter, and promote phonemic awareness through two- and three-phoneme words, blending, and substituting initial consonants. Decodable stories at the end of each book let children share their new skills at home.

60 Photo-Picture Cards
Introduce and reinforce the sounds of English.

Alphabet Cards
Children can make words, spell out their names, and create nonsense words to demonstrate their awareness of the phonemes of English.

Student Book: 32 pages
Teacher’s Guide: 32 pages

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Grades K-1
On Our Way Student Book Preview
Our ABC's Student Book Preview
Rhyming Words Student Book Preview
Sounds and Letters Student Book Preview
More Sounds and Letters Student Book Preview

For your convenience, prices are listed below and can be printed for reference. Please place your order in the section above.

Student Book: Minimum order of 5 of the same book

Classroom Set: Includes 10 copies of each student book, 1 set of photo-picture cards, 6 sets of alphabet cards, and 1 teacher’s guide for each student book

Photo-Picture Cards: Set of 60 cards

Alphabet Cards: 6 sets of 26 cards

Teacher’s Guide: FREE with the purchase of 20 of the same student book

Grades K-1
ISBN Format Qty Price Each
0514-7 Student Book, On Our Way 5+ $4.35
0515-4 Student Book, Our ABC's 5+ $4.35
0516-1 Student Book, Rhyming Words 5+ $4.35
0517-8 Student Book, Sounds And Letters 5+ $4.35
0518-5 Student Book, More Sounds And Letters 5+ $4.35
9996-2 Classroom Set, Classroom Set 1+ $262.40
0519-2 Support Materials, Alphabet Cards 1+ $10.40
0611-3 Support Materials, Photo-Picture Cards 1+ $41.90
K0514-7 Teacher's Guide, On Our Way 1+ $5.15
K0515-4 Teacher's Guide, Our ABC's 1+ $5.15
K0516-1 Teacher's Guide, Rhyming Words 1+ $5.15
K0517-8 Teacher's Guide, Sounds And Letters 1+ $5.15
K0518-5 Teacher's Guide, More Sounds And Letters 1+ $5.15

The ordering information below is for New York City schools ordering through the FAMIS system. It can be printed for reference. Click here to view the complete FAMIS price list. For FAMIS ordering, use the ISBNs listed below or contact Sussman Education: 800.350.7180 • info@sussmaneducation.com. Continental Press vendor number: CON210000

Student Books: 5 or more copies of the same title $4.57 each

Teacher’s Editions: $5.45 each FREE with purchase of 20 student books of the same title
Note: To order teacher’s editions, please add the letter “K” before the student book number.

TitleStudent Books
On Our Way9780845405147
Our ABC’s9780845405154
Rhyming Words9780845405161
Sounds and Letters9780845405178
More Sounds and Letters9780845405185