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New York State Science

Grades 4, 8  |  State Standards

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Two grade-specific books review multiple years of New York science standards for classroom and test-day success.

Clear Selections

New York State Science helps students master challenging science standards and prepare for the New York State Science Test.

Student Books

  • A detailed section of instruction to reinforce your curriculum
  • Guided sample questions with explanations of right and wrong answer choices to extend understanding of a concept or skill
  • Hands-on lessons with activities that emulate the performance tasks on the NYS Science Test, in addition to paper-and-pencil questions
  • Practice for higher-order thinking skills
  • Abundant graphics including photographs, diagrams, graphs, tables, often with explanatory captions
  • Clutter-free, easy-to-navigate lesson format that breaks material down into manageable chunks
  • Familiar, real-life examples to help students grasp concepts
  • Exposure to question formats found on the actual test: multiple-choice and open-ended questions of various forms
  • Sidebars with vocabulary definitions that are easy to find (no searching), relevant examples, and additional useful information pertaining to a topic
  • Lessons that reinforce the New York Science Learning Standards. The grade 4 book covers grades K-4 skills and the grade 8 book covers grades 5-8 skills.
  • End-of-unit reviews

Student Answer Booklets

Student answer booklets give you the option to reuse your workbooks year after year and are FREE with your order!

Teacher’s Guides

Guides provide correlations to the standards and major understandings, answers, and specifications and instructions for the performance tasks.

Student Book: Grade 4 is 216 pages; Grade 8 is 360 pages

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Grade 4
Student Book Preview
Grade 8
Student Book Preview

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Grade 4
ISBN Format Qty Price Each
6720-6 Student Book 5 - 9 $26.30
6720-6 Student Book 10 - 29 $21.30
6720-6 Student Book 30+ $18.75
6756-5 Student Answer Booklet 1+ $1.55
K6720-6 Teacher's Guide 1+ $6.15
Grade 8
ISBN Format Qty Price Each
6721-3 Student Book 5 - 9 $26.30
6721-3 Student Book 10 - 29 $21.30
6721-3 Student Book 30+ $18.75
6757-2 Student Answer Booklet 1+ $1.55
K6721-3 Teacher's Guide 1+ $6.15

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GradeStudent BooksStudent Answer Booklets
Grade 497808454672069780845467565
Grade 897808454672139780845467572