Maryland Finish Line Algebra I

Grades 8-12  |  State Standards

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Lessons for Maryland’s Common Core Curriculum Framework reinforce your teaching for classroom and test-day success.

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Maryland Finish Line Algebra I provides instruction and practice for Maryland’s College and Career-Ready Standards.

Student workbook:

    • Particular attention is paid to Maryland’s Essential Skills and Knowledge.
    • Topics that are often stumbling blocks for students are covered in detail, beginning with a careful explanation of the fundamentals and building on those, to an understanding of processes.
    • Comprehensive instruction and practice span 360 pages.
    • Rigorous content meets the demands of the standards and the exam.
    • Student support includes skill reminders, vocabulary callouts, sample problems with step-by-step answer explanations, and more.
    • Item types include selected response with one or more correct answer, constructed response, extended constructed response, multipart questions that build on each other, and technology-based questions that have been modified for the printed workbook.

Teacher’s guide:
Features include suggestions for using the workbook, a reproducible mathematics reference sheet, and an answer key with standards addressed by each item, as well as correct answers with rationales or exemplary answers.

Student Book: 360 pages

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Grades 8-12
Student Book Preview

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Grades 8-12
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