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Content Reading: Science

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Reinforce reading skills and your science curriculum! Comprehension lessons feature nonfiction science topics that make real-life connections.

Clear Selections

Content Reading: Science features nonfiction articles that parallel the core content of most state curriculum frameworks. Lessons make real-life connections and keep students engaged while they improve reading skills and build comprehension.

Articles cover grade-appropriate topics and sciences, including:

  • technology
  • environmental science
  • important people in science
  • Earth and space science
  • life science
  • physical science

The consistent question format allows you to identify students’ weaknesses so you can target instruction. Comprehension skills are tested in the same order every time: factual detail, main idea, inference, sequence, cause/effect or fact opinion, and content vocabulary. The last question is open ended to encourage higher-order thinking and writing.

Student Book: 56-64 pages
Teacher’s Guide: 20-24 pages

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Level F (Grade 6)
Student Book Preview

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Level F (Grade 6)
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