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Content Reading: Geography

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Use geography knowledge to achieve success in reading! Comprehension lessons feature articles tied to the core content of state curriculum frameworks.

Clear Selections

Content Reading: Geography features articles tied to the core content of state curriculum frameworks. Each reading culminates in a higher-order thinking question that encourages students to add their own knowledge to what they’ve read and then write about it.

  • Each level features in-depth articles that focus on grade-appropriate areas of geography, including journeys of exploration and settlements, historical discoveries of unique cultures, and the evolution of speech and language patterns.
  • A glossary of content-specific words is found in each level.
  • Richly illustrated with maps, photos, and art.
  • The consistent question format allows you to identify students’ weaknesses so you can target instruction. The comprehension skills shown below are tested in every lesson and are presented in the same order every time.

Student Book: 56-64 pages
Teacher’s Guide: 20-24 pages

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Grade 6 (Level F)
Student Book Preview

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Grade 6 (Level F)
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