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Nonfiction Lap Books

Grades: K-2

Nonfiction Lap Books
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Our Nonfiction Lap Books can help you:

  • teach content-related topics at lower reading levels.
  • support students as they learn vocabulary, facts, and concepts.
  • introduce new concepts.
  • activate students' prior knowledge to the theme or main idea of the book.
  • make connections for cross-curricular activities.

Books are sold individually and as a collection.

    6 Social Studies titles:
  • Bridges (RR 4-5, GR D)
  • I Am (RR 3, GR C)
  • All Over the World (RR 7, GR E)
  • Before the Fridge (RR 13-14, GR H)
  • Container Ships (RR 14-15, GR H)
  • The Panama Canal (RR 15-16, GR I)

    6 Science titles:
  • Magnets (RR 1-2, GR A)
  • The Sun's Magic (RR 3-4, GR C)
  • The Elephant's Trunk (RR 5-6, GR D)
  • Wolves (RR 6, GR D)
  • Mice Live Everywhere (RR 1-12, GR G)
  • Toad or Frog? (RR 17, GR I)
    6 Mathematics titles:
  • My Class (RR 1-2, GR A)
  • In My Room (RR 3-4, GR C)
  • Shells (RR 3-4, GR C)
  • A Shape Story (RR 5-6, GR D)
  • Molly Makes a Graph (RR 7-8, GR E)
  • Gerbils Measure Up (RR 7, GR E)

These math, science, and social studies books are perfect for shared reading and read-alouds! Choose from 18 titles.

Book Dimensions: 11 5/8" x 13 3/4"
Type: Nonfiction

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A Shape Story Lap Bookpreview
All Over the World Lap Bookpreview
Before the Fridge Lap Bookpreview
Bridges Lap Bookpreview
Container Ships Lap Bookpreview
Gerbils Measure Up Lap Bookpreview
I Am Lap Bookpreview
In My Room Lap Bookpreview
Magnets Lap Bookpreview
Mice Live Everywhere Lap Bookpreview
Molly Makes a Graph Lap Bookpreview
My Class Lap Bookpreview
Shells Lap Bookpreview
The Elephant's Trunk Lap Bookpreview
The Panama Canal Lap Bookpreview
The Sun's Magic Lap Bookpreview
Toad or Frog? Lap Bookpreview
Wolves Lap Bookpreview

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ISBN GRADE / LEVEL: FORMAT Quantity Price Each
4275-3Grades K-2 : A Shape Story Lap Book1+$6.98
4268-5Grades K-2 : All Over the World Lap Book1+$6.98
4269-2Grades K-2 : Before the Fridge Lap Book1+$6.98
4284-5Grades K-2 : Bridges Lap Book1+$6.98
4270-8Grades K-2 : Container Ships Lap Book1+$6.98
4277-7Grades K-2 : Gerbils Measure Up Lap Book1+$6.98
4285-2Grades K-2 : I Am Lap Book1+$6.98
4273-9Grades K-2 : In My Room Lap Book1+$6.98
4278-4Grades K-2 : Magnets Lap Book1+$6.98
4282-1Grades K-2 : Mice Live Everywhere Lap Book1+$6.98
4276-0Grades K-2 : Molly Makes a Graph Lap Book1+$6.98
4272-2Grades K-2 : My Class Lap Book1+$6.98
4274-6Grades K-2 : Shells Lap Book1+$6.98
4280-7Grades K-2 : The Elephant's Trunk Lap Book1+$6.98
4271-5Grades K-2 : The Panama Canal Lap Book1+$6.98
4279-1Grades K-2 : The Sun's Magic Lap Book1+$6.98
4283-8Grades K-2 : Toad or Frog? Lap Book1+$6.98
4281-4Grades K-2 : Wolves Lap Book1+$6.98
4763-5Grades K-2 : Collection All Books1+$125.64

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