NY Seedling Domain Collections

Grades PreK-2

NY Seedling Domain Collections
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Use Seedling readers for daily instruction with the NY Seedling Domain Collections. Leveled books reinforce the domains in the Listening and Learning strand and the Guided Reading and Accountable and Independent Reading strand of the NYS ELA Curriculum.

Prekindergarten Collection
56 Titles
Includes books for all about me, animals, plants, habitats, and family

Kindergarten Collection
34 Titles
Includes books for nursery rhymes and fables

Grade 1 Collection
89 Titles
Includes books for fables and stories, the human body, astronomy, history of Earth, animals and habitats, and fairy tales

Grade 2 Collection
43 Titles
Includes books for fairy tales, cycles in nature, insects, and the human body


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ISBN GRADE / LEVEL: FORMAT Quantity Price Each
7675-8Grade K : Classroom Library Collection 1+$127.25
7676-5Grade K : Guided Reading Collection 1+$732.00
7673-4Grade PreK : Classroom Library Collection 1+$207.45
7674-1Grade PreK : Guided Reading Collection 1+$1179.35
7677-2Grade 1 : Classroom Library Collection 1+$329.70
7678-9Grade 1 : Guided Reading Collection 1+$1770.20
7679-6Grade 2 : Classroom Library Collection 1+$163.11
7680-2Grade 2 : Guided Reading Collection 1+$927.18
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