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MAP Assessments

Grades: 3-8

MAP Assessments
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MAP Assessments familiarize students with the challenging nature of PARCC®’s End-of-Year Assessment all the while measuring understanding of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) at key points in the school year. View the brochure.

This series features three tests for each grade. See the standards covered in each booklet.
Benchmark 1: Tests the CCSS typically addressed in the first third of the year
Benchmark 2: Tests the CCSS taught in the second third of the year, while reviewing key standards from Benchmark 1
End of Year: Tests the standards addressed in the last third of the year and reviews key standards from both Benchmark 1 and Benchmark 2

The PARCC® assessment is given online, so why paper and pencil?
The print format of MAP Assessments gives you a deep look at where students went wrong and why. Students show their step-by-step work right in the books’ pages so you can review their thought process and pinpoint exactly where deficiencies occurred. Multipart questions and multianswer questions with partially correct answers can also be examined in detail. This series is also great practice for the home where technology may be limited.

Booklets match the PARCC® End-of-Year Assessment in length, item types, and calculator use for each grade level. Since PARCC® assessments are designed to be given on a computer, some items have been necessarily modified to be done on paper. Item types include:
  • multiple choice: single correct answer, multiple correct answers
  • open-ended: calculation, graphing, writing an equation or inequality, creating a data display
  • multipart questions with two-to-four parts that build on each other

Teacher’s guides give an introduction of the material, directions for administering the test, an answer key with CCSS correlations, and reproducible cut-out tools and reference sheets as needed.

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Book Dimensions: 8 1/2" x 11"
Page Count: approx. 32 pages
Guide Page Count: approx. 20
Guide Book Dimension: 8 1/2" x 11"

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Grade 3 Benchmark 1preview
Grade 3 Benchmark 2 preview
Grade 3 End Of Year preview
Grade 4 Benchmark 1 preview
Grade 4 Benchmark 2 preview
Grade 4 End Of Year preview
Grade 5 Benchmark 1 preview
Grade 5 Benchmark 2 preview
Grade 5 End Of Year preview
Grade 6 Benchmark 1 preview
Grade 6 Benchmark 2 preview
Grade 6 End Of Year preview
Grade 7 Benchmark 1 preview
Grade 7 Benchmark 2 preview
Grade 7 End Of Year preview
Grade 8 Benchmark 1 preview
Grade 8 Benchmark 2 preview
Grade 8 End Of Year preview

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ISBN GRADE / LEVEL: FORMAT Quantity Price Each
7991-9Grade 3 : Benchmark 1 1+$82.50
8557-6Grade 3 : Benchmark 2 1+$82.50
8565-1Grade 3 : End Of Year 1+$82.50
8694-8Grade 3 : Complete Set 1+$225.00
7992-6Grade 4 : Benchmark 1 1+$82.50
8558-3Grade 4 : Benchmark 2 1+$82.50
8566-8Grade 4 : End Of Year 1+$82.50
8695-5Grade 4 : Complete Set 1+$225.00
7993-3Grade 5 : Benchmark 1 1+$82.50
8559-0Grade 5 : Benchmark 2 1+$82.50
8567-5Grade 5 : End Of Year 1+$82.50
8696-2Grade 5 : Complete Set 1+$225.00
7994-0Grade 6 : Benchmark 1 1+$82.50
8560-6Grade 6 : Benchmark 2 1+$82.50
8568-2Grade 6 : End Of Year 1+$82.50
8697-9Grade 6 : Complete Set 1+$225.00
7995-7Grade 7 : Benchmark 1 1+$82.50
8561-3Grade 7 : Benchmark 2 1+$82.50
8569-9Grade 7 : End Of Year 1+$82.50
8698-6Grade 7 : Complete Set 1+$225.00
7996-4Grade 8 : Benchmark 1 1+$82.50
8562-0Grade 8 : Benchmark 2 1+$82.50
8570-5Grade 8 : End Of Year 1+$82.50
8699-3Grade 8 : Complete Set 1+$225.00

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