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Get Set for Math New York

Grades 3-8

Get Set for Math New York
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Get Set for Math New York builds and reinforces math strategies needed for the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) and prepares students for the challenging item types they’ll face on test day.

Gradual release of responsibility
Focus lessons walk students through problem solving using instruction to reinforce the skill, step-by-step examples to deepen understanding (guided practice), and independent practice to assess performance. Where appropriate, multiple standards are addressed in a lesson to link major topics at grade level.

Preparing for the assessment
Each standards-based lesson begins with a set of sequenced steps to develop strategies. Following, students answer questions in a test-like format to practice and reinforce what they’ve learned. When test day comes, students are confident and ready to explain their answers and show their work.

Each lesson promotes a deep understanding of the content with Depth of Knowledge levels 2 and higher.

Flash cards in the back of each book reinforce key words and concepts at grade level.

Colorful lessons
Full-color pages engage students for successful learning.

Teacher support
Annotated teacher’s editions include NY Common Core Learning Standards and Depth of Knowledge correlations, suggestions for use/teaching strategies, extension activities, and annotated student pages with item rationale and commentary.

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Grade 3 Student Book preview
Grade 3 Annotated Teacher's Edition preview
Grade 4 Student Book preview
Grade 4 Annotated Teacher's Edition preview
Grade 5 Student Book preview
Grade 5 Annotated Teacher's Edition preview
Grade 6 Student Book preview
Grade 6 Annotated Teacher's Edition preview
Grade 7 Student Book preview
Grade 7 Annotated Teacher's Edition preview
Grade 8 Student Book preview
Grade 8 Annotated Teacher's Edition preview

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ISBN GRADE / LEVEL: FORMAT Quantity Price Each
7636-9Grade 3 : Student Book 5+$11.75
7642-0Grade 3 : Annotated Teacher's Edition 1+$20.95
7667-3Grade 3 : Classroom Set 1+$305.00
7637-6Grade 4 : Student Book 5+$11.75
7643-7Grade 4 : Annotated Teacher's Edition 1+$20.95
7668-0Grade 4 : Classroom Set 1+$305.00
7638-3Grade 5 : Student Book 5+$11.75
7644-4Grade 5 : Annotated Teacher's Edition 1+$20.95
7669-7Grade 5 : Classroom Set 1+$305.00
7639-0Grade 6 : Student Book 5+$11.75
7645-1Grade 6 : Annotated Teacher's Edition 1+$20.95
7670-3Grade 6 : Classroom Set 1+$305.00
7640-6Grade 7 : Student Book 5+$11.75
7646-8Grade 7 : Annotated Teacher's Edition 1+$20.95
7671-0Grade 7 : Classroom Set 1+$305.00
7641-3Grade 8 : Student Book 5+$11.75
7647-5Grade 8 : Annotated Teacher's Edition 1+$20.95
7672-7Grade 8 : Classroom Set 1+$305.00
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