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Content Reading: Mathematics

Grades: 2-8

Content Reading: Mathematics
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Content Reading: Mathematics develops reading skills as it explains a wide variety of mathematics topics and their relationship to everyday life. Using abundant samples and illustrations, the nonfiction articles encourage students to draw on prior knowledge and help them acquire a deeper understanding of mathematics.

  • Each level features in-depth articles that focus on grade-appropriate areas of mathematics, from basic addition and subtraction to calculating money and working through algebra and geometry problems.
  • Each level includes a glossary of content-specific words.
  • The consistent question format allows you to identify students' weaknesses so you can target instruction. The comprehension skills shown below are tested in every lesson and are presented in the same order every time.
Book Dimensions: 8 1/2" x 11"
Page Count: 56-64 pages
Guide Page Count: 16-20 pages
Guide Book Dimension: 8 1/2" x 11"

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Grade 2 (Level B) Student Book preview
Grade 3 (Level C) Student Book preview
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Grade 5 (Level E) Student Book preview
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Grade 7 (Level G) Student Book preview

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ISBN GRADE / LEVEL: FORMAT Quantity Price Each
9285-7Grade 2 / Level B : Student Book 5+$7.00
K9285-7Grade 2 / Level B : Teacher's Guide 1+$3.50
9986-3Grade 2 / Level B : Classroom Set 1+$169.00
9286-4Grade 3 / Level C : Student Book 5+$7.00
K9286-4Grade 3 / Level C : Teacher's Guide 1+$3.50
9987-0Grade 3 / Level C : Classroom Set 1+$169.00
9287-1Grade 4 / Level D : Student Book 5+$7.00
K9287-1Grade 4 / Level D : Teacher's Guide 1+$3.50
9988-7Grade 4 / Level D : Classroom Set 1+$169.00
9288-8Grade 5 / Level E : Student Book 5+$7.00
K9288-8Grade 5 / Level E : Teacher's Guide 1+$3.50
9989-4Grade 5 / Level E : Classroom Set 1+$169.00
9289-5Grade 6 / Level F : Student Book 5+$7.00
K9289-5Grade 6 / Level F : Teacher's Guide 1+$3.50
9990-0Grade 6 / Level F : Classroom Set 1+$169.00
9290-1Grade 7 / Level G : Student Book 5+$7.00
K9290-1Grade 7 / Level G : Teacher's Guide 1+$3.50
9991-7Grade 7 / Level G : Classroom Set 1+$169.00

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