Comprehension Skills Assessment Links

Grades: 3-8

Comprehension Skills Assessment Links
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With Comprehension Skills Assessment Links CDs, you can focus your readers on the skills that challenge them the most. Each grade-specific CD includes three assessment forms that test students on the same skills found in the Finish Line Comprehension Skills workbook series:

  • Understanding Main Idea and Details
  • Identifying Sequence
  • Recognizing Cause and Effect
  • Comparing and Contrasting
  • Making Inferences
  • Understanding Literary Elements
  • Analyzing Language
  • Recognizing Author's Purpose  

How to use the CD:
Pop in a grade-level CD and choose form A, B, or C. The forms (assessments) are equivalent in difficulty, so you can give any form at any time during the school year. The CD instantly scores answers and generates a prescriptive report that assigns the right Finish Line Comprehension Skills book(s) for remediation where needed.

Each grade-level CD features:
  • three student assessments
  • instant student scoring
  • prescriptive student report with student answers, correct answers, elapsed time for testing, and direction to specific Finish Line Comprehension Skills workbook content

Easy to use:
  • no passwords to manage
  • nothing to download
  • no Internet connection required (use a standard web browser with Flash Player 8 or later)
  • no preplanning of number of students to assess (no seat licenses required)
  • PC and Mac compatible

Low cost: $49.95 per CD with no recurring fees

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Level E (Grade 5) Student CD preview

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ISBN GRADE / LEVEL: FORMAT Quantity Price Each
5800-6Level C (Grade 3) : Student CD 1+$49.95
5866-2Level C (Grade 3) : Package 1+$294.95
5801-3Level D (Grade 4) : Student CD 1+$49.95
5867-9Level D (Grade 4) : Package 1+$294.95
5802-0Level E (Grade 5) : Student CD 1+$49.95
5868-6Level E (Grade 5) : Package 1+$294.95
5803-7Level F (Grade 6) : Student CD 1+$49.95
5869-3Level F (Grade 6) : Package 1+$294.95
5804-4Level G (Grade 7) : Student CD 1+$49.95
5870-9Level G (Grade 7) : Package 1+$294.95
5805-1Level H (Grade 8) : Student CD 1+$49.95
5871-6Level H (Grade 8) : Package 1+$294.95
Ideal for RTI, differentiated instruction, whiteboard instruction, and quick assessment.