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Grades: 2-10

BrightFish Reading New York
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BrightFish Reading New York is an online tool that gives struggling students the opportunity to read engaging, grade-level text while building word fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. Try it today!

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Aligned to the Standards: Students read a wide range of fiction and nonfiction stories at their grade level, supported by activities aligned to New York and Common Core State Standards.

Created by Teachers: Building stories from word level up to the full text, students work through sequential activities created by classroom teachers with individualized feedback for each response. Easy-to-use reports track student progress and help teachers drive instruction.

Student Experience
- Step #1: Choose your story
- Step #2: Work on structured activities
- Step #3: Earn points and improve

Teacher Experience
Graphical reports enable teachers to see exactly where students are struggling, individual errors, and missed learning goals. 

Gaming Rewards: Students unlock higher levels of difficulty, earning certificates and points that can be redeemed for motivating learning games.

Anytime Access: BrightFish Reading New York can be used at any time, from any device. Use a wide range of devices and web browsers, including iPads and other tablets, Chromebooks, Windows 7/8/10, Android, Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Edge.

BrightFish Reading New York can be ordered through the FAMIS system as an annual subscription by student or by school, with onsite or web-based professional development for teachers.

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ISBN GRADE / LEVEL: FORMAT Quantity Price Each
0036-3Grades 2-10 : 1-Year Student License 1+$12.95
0037-0Grades 2-10 : Site License 1+$6995.00

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Product pricing for NYC FAMIS purchases. For FAMIS ordering, use the item numbers listed above or contact Sussman Education: 800.350.7180 • Approved under computer software "Object Code 199."

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Students in a wide range of programs and settings can benefit from using BrightFish Reading New York, including:

English Language Learners (ELL) support
Tier 1 supplemental practice
Tier 2 intervention
Classroom and small group
Resource labs
After-school programs
Home use
Summer school