Our 8 Favorite Technology Tools for Your Classroom

Technology is an integral part of our lives. From sharing Snapchat stories to streaming music, today’s students are more tech savvy than ever. Keep your classroom current by using tech tools to create an environment that promotes curiosity, enriches instruction, and engages learners. Check out these top technology tools for your classroom.

students using classroom technology

Presentations Get Pumped Up

Studies have shown that visuals help students learn material quickly and retain the information. With Prezi, students can take presentations to the next level. This program incorporates the ability to relay information with text, photos, graphics, and animation, in a user-friendly platform.

Kicked-Up School Communication

Gone are the days of sending notes home with students. If you have important information to share with families, sign up for this free app. Remind is compatible with any device and offers messaging to groups or individuals, with the ability to translate messages into more than 70 languages.

Easy (and Fun) Data Collection

Plickers allow teachers to go high-tech without requiring students to have their own devices. Using a smartphone, teachers ask questions and then scan cards that students hold up for their answers. Each card bears an image similar to a QR code, with responses determined by the way the student holds the image (upright, upside down, turned left, turned right).

Virtual Reality…For Real

Want to experience virtual reality in a fun, affordable way? Check out Google Cardboard. It uses a simple viewer you can build or buy to turn a smartphone into your window to the world. It’s the high-tech version of the View-Master you probably had as a child. There are dozens of apps that are compatible with Google Cardboard, and its classroom possibilities are endless—from virtual field trips to 360-degree videos that bring topics to life.

Rewarding Reading

Help struggling students read engaging, grade-level text while building word fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills with this online tool. BrightFish Reading also includes opportunities to earn rewards to be redeemed for motivating learning games.

Coding for Young Techies

Created at MIT, Scratch lets students become programmers with easy-to-use features for creating stories, games, animations, and more. They learn to code while using the technology tool for everything from math to language arts and social studies.

Discussions go High Tech

Change the way you lead discussions and take the talk beyond the classroom walls. Collaborize Classroom provides an online forum for teachers to post questions, set options for responses (multiple choice, short answer, polls, etc.), and use the results to extend the discussion.

Infographics Builder

Infographics are everywhere—from magazine articles to signs in public buildings—so why not bring them into your classroom? Piktochart helps students process information quickly. You can easily create your own visuals and then have students analyze the graphics, followed by class discussion.

What are your “must-have” technology tools for your classroom? Let us know!

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